Building a professional practice might not be as easy as it sounds. Many people have great ideas but fail on implementation. For you to remain in business and build a professional practice, you need to acquire and maintain your clients.

Aside from getting more certifications to add on your skills and experience, a few simple marketing strategies can help you realize huge profit margins. Remember, a professional practice is not a practice if you have no clients. There are several marketing secrets that have proven to work for a lot of people over time.  If done correctly, these marketing secrets can help you successfully build a professional practice.

So here are the top 8 secrets to marketing:

1. Identify your client

It is imperative to know and understand your target market. This will help you identify with their problems and know what solutions you can offer to them. Knowing your clients also helps you know what they are most likely to spend their money on.

It also helps you identify how they think and make their decisions. Once you identify your client, you are able to understand their needs. You can use this knowledge to market your services in their circles.

2. Excel at what you do

Identifying your client is an important aspect when you want to build a professional practice. What is equally as important is your ability to be the best at what you do. Because you already understand your client’s needs, use that knowledge to come up with solutions that sort your client’s problems. Strive to market yourself as the expert in that field.

You can offer consultation services to individuals and institutions to boost their trust in you. What you strive to achieve by this is to develop a relationship between you and your clients. This automatically assures you of repeat business. It is this kind of business that you should be looking for.

3. Build and maintain a relationship with potential clients

As mentioned above, creating a relationship with your clients is a sure way of knowing that they would return.  Building a positive relationship with your clients also helps them market your services for you.

When your clients refer you to their friends and family, you stand a higher chance of increasing your client base. This is because word of mouth is very effective when it comes to marketing.

People tend to believe and rely on what their friends and family recommend to them. You therefore want to build a relationship with your clients not only to maintain them but to also help them build your brand.

You might come across potential clients who require a service that you readily don’t offer. Maintain a relationship with them too and always offer assistance whenever you can. This is because you might need them once you expand and start offering the services they need. Remember word of mouth spreads faster and has a greater impact on people as compared to other marketing strategies.

4. Ask for assistance from professionals

Sometimes we need to ask for professional advice from those that understand the nature of business we venture in. This doesn’t mean that we are less qualified in what we do. On the contrary it just shows that we are open minded and open to new suggestions.

The positive thing about asking for help from professionals in the same field is that it helps you to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes this is necessary to solve a problem that would have otherwise proved difficult.

5. Physical Location

The physical location of the business is important and to some extent determines how the business is going to perform. This goes hand in hand with identifying the target market. It is important to pick the right spot to trade.

You need to assess the people that frequent the area and determine if they are your target market. It is also important to gauge your services to see if they deliver what the clients in that locality need.

6. The service you offer and what people think about it

Nothing else is as important to your business as your customer. This is because they are the ones who bring in the cash. This means that before you venture at offering a service, you first need to assess your customer’s needs and review their thinking.

You want to be in their shoes when they walk through your door. You want to understand what they are thinking and their perception of you and your business. It is important to know where your customers have positioned you.

Try to identify the difference between you and what you offer your clients and the next guy across the streets offering the same service. This should help you understand your strong or weak point and work on them.

7. Give out incentives

Giving your clients incentives is a sure way to get them to come back. This can range depending on the kind of services you offer. Everybody loves to feel that they are getting a deal out of every purchase or service they pay for.

Incentives are a sure way to make your clients feel this way. Give out discounts on certain services on days that have fewer clients walking through your doors. This helps you push up your numbers and also increases the chances of attracting new clients. Make sure you let your clients know well in advance that they can enjoy certain discounts on specific days.

8. Be Creative

Being creative in how you approach the different aspects of your professional practice is important. When you are creative, you tend to give things a different approach. While this might be risky, it works most of the time. People are always on the lookout for new things. Using a different approach to deliver your services is just as enticing as a new item on the shelf. People want to try it out.


Getting certifications for your private practice is a sure way to build trust in your clients, however there are cheaper and easier ways to get started in marketing your brand. You can start by trying out these simple secrets to see if they work for you.