Although, it’s been a while I’ve decided to start writing again. Life’s been busy, especially since I feel like I work 24/7. I am sure a lot of people out there feel the same way. Constantly working, but never having the time to do what they enjoy. So one thing I’ve realized over the passed few months is that finding a balance is critical. It’s great to be a hard working person that it dedicated to building a successful career. However, finding time for the things you enjoy is important. Yet, how can we grasp a hold on this invisible fleeting quicksand? The answer is not simple; it takes some management, multitasking and organizational skills to pull it off. Yet, the possibility is there.

The Time Math

Let’s do some simple math. On average most people sleep 8 hours, spend 2 eating and another 8 at work. That leaves you with 6 hours, now deduct 2 for commuting and you get about 4 left. This might now seem like a whole lot, but it’s enough. The problem is most people just spend those hours in from of the T.V, browsing online or even working. Then complain they don’t have enough time. The important thing to note is that there is always time. It’s what you do with it that’s important. In my calculation I didn’t even factor in the time you have if you multitask or the breaks you get at work. All this time is there for the taking, so grasp it and do what you love. Spend time with your family, write, paint; go for walks… whatever your thing is, DO IT.

The Inspiration

Easy to say right? I bet a lot of you are thinking well it sounds great, but HOW? How can I turn off my brain long enough to concentrate on something besides work without using my T.V. Well here is your answer. If you truly love something, could be your family, working on your car or maybe just walking. Once, you start doing it let yourself go at that moment. Take it all in like a sponge and enjoy it because this is YOUR time for YOURSELF. The worse part is that if you don’t take this time and use it wisely you will regret it. We all need a break to let our minds rest and this is the best way to do it. Not only will you feel better, but you will sleep better and feel happier I GARENTEE it.