Although, I am unable to give birth I imagine it’s a beautiful thing. Especially, getting to hold the child that was living inside you for nine months. Some women might disagree and say the pain is unbearable and they would never do it again. However, I am sure you can agree giving birth is fascinating. The part that fascinates me the most is the pain (57 Del of pain) which is said to be the equivalent to having 20 bones fractured at once….Ouch!!! To make the matter worse giving birth is no quick process. It can take over 20 hours from start to finish sometimes even longer.

Can you imagine? Yet, no matter what, the women must always go on. There’s no going back and the only thing left to do is push, push and push some more. Then, the new born baby comes and it’s like magic, this little wet tinny thing has appeared most likely crying. At that moment I can imagine the relief and joy women must feel. Especially, when she gets to finally hold their baby for the first time. As a man I don’t know the exact feelings at this point, but I’ve heard that it’s the happiest moment in a women’s life.

What’s what

Now your probably thinking this is all nice and everything, but what does it have to do with anything? Well I used this illustration if you will to emphasize a further point in relation to motivation. Many people lack motivation, they want to accomplish things, but don’t push hard enough to complete their goals. That’s why when it comes to accomplishing your goals you should look at it like you’re giving birth.

First, you need to put yourself in the mindset that there is no way back. You can’t just not have the baby, similarly you can’t just not accomplish what you set out to do. Next you need to realize that the journey to getting where you want to be is long and painful. You will have obstacles and want to quit. However, the most important thing to remember is that you can’t. A woman doesn’t quit when giving birth and neither will you. So hold on tight and push, push and push some more because just when it gets the hardest you will finally reach your dream. Your dream is like the new born baby it will bring you unimaginable joy and relief. You will hold it close and never look back, this is your motivation.

Beat the lazy with motivation

It’s hard to keep motivated, as a naturally lazy person I relate to it as much as anyone. So, how do people do it? I’d love to say it’s simple, but truthfully it’s not. It takes energy, determination and focus. Here’s a little secret; find your WHY? Yes, why do you want to accomplish your dream or goal you have? Find that reason, whether it’s because you want to be happy, make someone else happy or you want to feel accomplished, hold in to it and never let it go. That reason will get you up in the morning, it will push you harder than anything and when you get there it’s will give you the joy you deserve.

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