Getting a job is important, but getting your dream job is critical to your success. As a recent graduate, I know the difficulty everyone faces when trying to acquire work. Many feel that they can’t get the job they want because they lack experience or don’t posses the skills. This may be true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get the job you want. It can get frustrating when you go to interview after interview and no one calls you. So here are some tips to help you succeed and get the job you want.

Dress to impress at the interview

You may have heard the expression: dress for the job you want not the one you have. This couldn’t be more true, but what does it mean? Well putting on a Rolex and dressing up in a thousand dollar suit won’t help you here. The key is to dress well enough that you look clean and professional. Make sure you’re properly groomed as this adds significant weight to how others see you. The cost of the clothing you wear doesn’t matter as long as it looks professional and fits well.

Be confident

Having confidences is common sense and it’s something that’s then around a lot. ‘Be more confident, show some confidence, confidence is key…’, but what does it mean? The definition outlines that confidence is the belief in oneself. If you’re not naturally confident then becoming so overnight is virtually impossible. So what do you do? That part is simple, have you ever had to act? In a school play or maybe just to prank someone. Well confidence can be, in a way acted or I should say faked. So basically all you have to do is act confident even if you’re not (I won’t get into building confidence in this article).

First, you need to breathe. Yes, breathe, when we become nervous we forget to breathe this causes our heart to beat faster and we become more nervous. Take deep breaths in then out and control you breathing. Next, stand up straight and spread yourself out. Not arms in the air and doing the splits spread out, just have you arms comfortably away from your body. Your legs should be spread apart like a boxer’s. You should look like your ready to go into battle. Sounds silly, but it works. After that, make sure you keep eyes contact with the person you’re speaking with. Last of all make sure you before and after handshake is firm. This will make you appear more confident and will even help you become more comfortable.

Who, what, where, when and why

Questions, questions, questions, always ask lots at an interview. Make sure you prepare a bunch before the interview. Do your research on the company and tie what you find into your questions. This will show you are prepared and eager to learn. More importantly listen, absorb everything that is being said. Last thing you want is to ask a question about something they already been discussed.

To watch this amazing video on how body language effects you confidence CLICK HERE.