When you have a busy schedule you tend to not exercise as much. I am a prime example of this. I use to play over 5 different sports and workout daily. However, until recently the only lifting I was doing was a McDonald’s big Mac to my mouth.

I had forgotten the rush I would get from running or how good I felt after a workout.

The thing is, exercise not only benefits your health, but it also helps you look better and even think better. Exercise decreases depression and helps manage stress. It offers so many benefits and that’s why it’s so important.

So here are the top 5 ways you can exercise more:

1. Gorgeous morning jogging

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If you’re not a morning person like me, then you’re probably thinking: f@#k that!

It does take a lot of determination to get out of bed and start jogging away.

So, to help you get going you should drink a glass of water and then splash some cold water on your face. Change your clothes, put on your favourite pump-up song, walk out your front door and just start joging.

It will be hard the first few days, but after a while it will become routine and you’ll start to love it.

I guarantee, it will wake you up better than any coffee you’ve ever had!

You’ll feel more energized throughout the day and of course your core will look amazing with this exercise.

2.Find a gym

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I’ve never been a big fan of gyms. I mostly just never liked being around so many sweaty people.

However, gyms are great!

They have all the tools you need to get into shape and plenty of people to push you. Grab a buddy and head to your nearest gym.

Start off slowly the first few days, because you’ll feel sore like hell. After the first week your body will start getting use to it.

Also, there are a ton of powders and bars you can buy that will help your muscles regenerate faster.

I prefer 100% Whey protein and creatine. The protein helps your muscles develop and grow better.

Also, the creatine gives you energy and helps your cells deliver water to your muscles for faster regeneration.

If you want to go the natural way, believe it or not raw eggs work miracles, make a shake with them. Also tuna and chicken breast are extremely high in protein and great for making lunch sandwiches.

3. Skip for joy

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You probably haven’t done it since you were 10, but skipping rope is great.

Boxers do it to improve endurance, breathing and workout their legs. It’s an excellent exercise and it’s cheap. The best part is you can even get creative with it and have a ton of fun.

4. Walk the talk

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Relaxation and fresh air, nothing beats it!

Going for hikes is amazing especially when it comes to the scenery. It’s always better if you go with a friend or family member so you don’t get lonely or unmotivated.

The bestb part is, hiking will not only improve your stamina, burn fat and increase lung capacity, but it will give you some amazing pictures and stories to share. It also helps significantly reduce stress, read more about it here: Top 7 Ways to Manage Stress Like a Pro.

So take a hike, literally!

5. Swim with the fish

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Did you know that swimming is one of the only sports that works out every muscle in your body?

When you swim every single part of you gets worked out. No need for 100 different machines or exercises.

It also helps develop your lung capacity so you can run longer and improves your overall endurance.

Excercise it up

Now that you’ve learned all the great ways to exercise and get healthy, go out and get started. I started exercising recently as well and I feel amazing!

Now remember, there nothing more important than your health. So, take care of yourself while you still can, so that you may live a long and happy life.