On T.V.  you may have seen some zoologist making some weird uuuahaha sound (or something like that) trying to imitate a cimpanziee’s version of hello. Some believe we evolved from these hairy primates, some don’t. No matter what you believe the fact is that these so called cousins of ours also use communication.

Communication is vital even when you’re just trying to get by in life. So just imagine how much more important it is in order to become successful. Without communication civilization would be utter chaos. We use it for the simplest things like thanking someone or just saying hello to the most complex like explaining quantum physics. Yet, one think most people fail to realize is that there are two sides to it. First, there is the verbal component which most people think communication is. However, they are wrong. The second component is non-verbal and it’s even more important than the words you speak.

You may be familiar with the expression: it’s what you do not what you say that people remember and it couldn’t be truer. Non-verbal communication includes your body language and your facial expressions. Which, gives you the ability to make that much more impact when saying something. Used in the right way it can move crowds, just watch any public speaker and you’ll realize how much they use their body to emphasize what they say.

Non-verbal communication tips

Some quick tips on improving your body language are to stand up straight, keep your hands waste level with little movement (can be distracting if you’re doing the YMCA when talking), smiling and keeping eye contact. Body language will earn you more respect and allow your words to hit home.

Although, verbal communication in my opinion comes as a second, it’s still important. Not so much what you say but the WAY you say it. The way you say things can make or break a relationship. Just think someone is insulting you and they are calling you all kinds of names. If they are screaming it at you in a very aggressive tone you’ll most likely be hurt or offended. Now, imagine they are saying those exact words, but in a soft soothing, somewhat sweet compassionate way. Would you be as insulted? Probably not. You’ll think they are joking or think it’s weird, but won’t feel as bad afterwards. However, both times the exact same words are used. See the difference? The way you deliver your words has tremendous impact.

Verbal communication tips

Some tips to improve are: speak clearly, speak loud enough to be heard, accentuate certain words, use effective pauses and when saying something really important drop your voice to just above a whisper and slow down your words (will make people cling to every single word).

Of course there are many other ways to improve your communication. There are classes and books dedicated to this art and yes it is an art. Communication will not only help in business or at work, but also in your personal life with your kids and spouses. So do like the monkeys for a change and communicate.

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