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Alex Botnariu

alexOwner, CEO and main author at Self-Success For You

Hello, my name is Alex and I am the person behind Self-Success For You. I decided to start-up this website so that I can help people succeed. I am a marketing and sales specialist with some knowledge in finance. I enjoy sport like: football, soccer and hockey. I work full-time as a Sales Manager and spend the rest of my time writing articles. I am passionate about self-development and what makes people tick. I hope my articles are helpful to everyone that reads them and I look forward to connecting with my readers.

Featured Authors

Chritt Lequia

chritt profile pic (1)Featured Author and Owner/Author of boredombusted.com

Hi! I’m Chritt. I’m a guy from the upper midwest that wants to help you solve your boredom. Don’t let boredom define you! Visit me over on my website http://www.boredombusted.com/ and get started and cure your boredom! See you there!